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Hey, bitch! It's Annmarie and Echo.



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We started a podcast in March 2020 after more than a decade of friendship and countless conversations where we made people feel either deeply uncomfortable or endlessly entertained. THE ROSTER is a comedy podcast following the crazy lives and inspiring friendship of Annmarie and Echo, two dumbass twenty-somethings with a lot to say and very little shame.

They invite you to witness their most intimate moments, as they navigate the ups and downs of young adulthood together using principles from a document they wrote over a decade ago called The Roster Charter. Between raunchy and hilarious segments like Dirty Dictionary, Just The Tip, and Weird Porn of the Week, the girls share tips and tricks for sucking dick, post-ghost revenge, and maintaining your mental & sexual health as they explore the world of casual dating amidst the constant chaos of their personal lives.

With humor, humility, and hedonism, Annmarie and Echo discuss, well, pretty much everything... gender, sexuality, love, mental illness, motherhood, racism, dating, marriage, friendship, childhood trauma, celebrity drama, and MORE! Listen every Friday, and emerge from THE ROSTER a more informed, slightly more fucked up person.

You're welcome.